Psalm 40 by [PSALMS FORTÉ]

God Sustains His Servant

For the Leader. A Song of David.

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I waited patiently for the LORD,
and he stooped towards me and heard my prayers.
He drew me up out of the pit of destruction,
out of the mud of the swamp,
set my feet on a rock, steadied my steps, put a new song in my mouth;
a hymn of praise to our God,
many shall hear, and be awed, and put their trust in the LORD.

Happy the man who puts his trust in the LORD;
who does not seek after any false gods,
who does not stray from Truth towards Lies.
I know that on earth there can be none to equal you;
O LORD, my God, you've made so many great deeds and plans for me
that if I tried to count them all,
they are much more than can be numbered.

O LORD, my God, you don't need my sacrifices,
instead you seek obedience and willing ears.
Sin-offerings you seek not; then I said,
"Behold I come;
in the written scroll it is prescribed for me.
To do your will,O my God,
is my delight, and your law is deep within my heart!"

I announced your justice in the vast assembly;
O LORD, you know I did not restrain my lips,
I have not kept your justice hidden within my heart;
I have spoken of your faithfulness and your salvation.
I have made no secret of your lovingkindness and your truth
in the vast assembly.

O LORD, Do not withhold your compassion from me;
let your lovingkindness and your truth preserve me forever.
For all around me are evils beyond reckoning;
I've sinned so much that I am going blind!
My sins are more numerous than the hairs on my head,
and my heart fails me.

So be pleased, O LORD, to rescue me;
O LORD, come help me quickly.
Let all who seek to destroy my soul
be put to shame and confusion.
Let them who wish me evil be turned back in disgrace.
Let them be shamed and dismayed that say to me

Aha, aha!"

But may all who seek You exalt and be glad in You,
And may all who love Your salvation say forever
"The LORD be magnified!"

Though I am afflicted and poor,
yet the LORD thinks of me.
You are my help and my deliverer,

O my God, don't hold back from me!

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