Prayer to St. Jude

To be said when problems arise or when one seems to be deprived of all visible help, or for cases almost despaired of.

[St. Jude, Pray for Us!]

Most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally, as the patron of hopeless cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone. Make use I implore you, of that particular privilege given to you, to bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations, and sufferings, particularly - (here make your request) that I may praise God with you and all the elect forever.

I promise, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you.


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The National Shrine of St. Jude

Claretian Missionaries
205 West Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60606

Answered Prayers


Please post my family's gratitude to St. Jude and to all who pray to St. Jude. Our prayers were answered. My family depends on faith-filled prayers to support them in this time when healing may be slow for Mikala - but - with God's good grace, healing will be steady and complete. May God bless you for your kindness and sustain you in this work of mercy.

Mikala has had the epidural morphine drip tube removed. Late Sunday she had the nasal tube to the stomach removed. She's now allowed sips of apple juice. She's been moved to a cheerier room and Michelle has her own cot right there for sleeping. Doctor says she'll be there at least 'til July 1st. . .

Rick and Christie, Michelle and Steven and, of course, Mary thank you so much for the prayers that brought about healing among themselves in the Waiting Room as well as for Mikala's successful surgery. keep up with the prayers. Don't forget to tell Nana and Gramp to take care of her, too.

Continue to keep praying, please, for Mikala. May she be under the protection of Michael, the Archangel, the Blessed Mother and her Guardian Angel. . . St. [Joseph] too.

God bless you and your own families.

Thanks St. Jude for listening to my prayers, I am beginning to see positive signs of improvement. I will continue to prayer and I thank you so much.

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers regarding my counseling job. This is the 2nd time in a few months St. Jude has heard and answered my prayers. I will always be your grateful servant St. Jude.
D. Galjour

I have been with my fiance for all most 7 years now. I am 30 and he is 32! Tony had a fear of commitment which was slowly deteriorating our relationship and destroying my life. I was severely depressed and prayed to Saint Jude for help. Needless to say I was very desperate! With St. Jude's intervention, my prayers were finally answered. I am proud to say were are finally happily married! Thank you so much St. Jude! I am extremely grateful.
New York - A. Luce

I just wanted to say thank you for answering my prayers. I am always and forever greatefull.
Nakeisha D.S. in New Jersey

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer.
D.M.O. in Parker, CO

Thank you St. Jude once again for prayers answered
Jean A.L.

I want to say thanks to St. Jude thaddues for he is really a great saint thanks.
Michael O.

St. Jude has always helped me when things looked completely hopeless. Thank you St. Jude for always interceding when I have asked you to. I need your help now. I am scared and feel completely alone. Please intercede in my life again.
Bethanne D.

I want to thank St. Jude for answering two prayers in 24 hours and all the help you have given me now and in the past. You are always there for me in my time of need.
Karen B. in Ambridge, PA

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers regarding a financial opportunity to help bring me out of my financial storm. Both my wife and I work, but we live in an expensive area so our kids can have good schools. I prayed to St. Jude for a way to make money that I can work around my already busy schedule. My prayer has been answered in dramatic fashion. I got an opportunity working with my wifes cousin and I am confident that this will provide financial freedoms down the line if I keep at it. Prayer works. Let's pray for peace.
Neil K. in California

Hi my name is nathan, I was employed in my job for 2 years and a few weeks ago i was given notice that the company was closing in a week left without a job i prayed to st jude and within two weeks my prayers were answered thank you st jude I promise to let your good deeds be known to all.
nathan in australia

Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered in the past and in the future. I promise to be ever mindful of your great favor granted by God, and to always honor you, and to always honor you as my special and powerful patron and to gratefully encourage devotion to you.
Tom Q.


I would like to post my thanks to St. Jude on a website but am having trouble. Could you please help? I would like to publish the following:

Thank you St. Jude, for interceding on our behalf during these desperate times. You are our last hope. Please grant our request. We will pray to you always and spread your word. Thank you. Sincerely,
Leah L.

Thank you St Jude for giving us strength and courage throughout our ordeal. Thank you for answering our prayers. Our ordeal is not fully over yet, but the signs that you have given us only confirms my faith. Thank you.
Karen S.

Thank you St. Jude, for all favors in the past as well as I what I have asked of you now. You have never let me down.
George V. in Chicago, IL

Thank you St. Jude for today, I will keep praying.
Paul K.

Thank you, Saint Jude. Your comfort and continuing signs are so deeply appreciated.
I Love You, Carie

Years ago I prayed to St. Jude and my prayers were answered. Now again I find myself in a situation where I need his intercession and his mercy. I'm in love with a man who is afraid of committing to me due to past hurts he has gone through. Please St. Jude, help him to realize that I will never hurt him and I will never leave him, so that he will truly come to give his heart to me and tell me that he is in love with me, too.
Susan H.

Thank you St.Jude for never failing my requests to you. i believe in you. Please make sure my son is well protected at all times and that his billet parents will lighten up on him but still be firm. Please let my son do well this weekend in his goal. I pray that my family will be healthy and happy.

I will like to thank St.Jude and his intercession through Our Lord for answering my prayers and protecting my son from harm/danger and injury while living away from me. Please keep him healthy and happy. This weekend St.Jude I pray that my son will do well in his goal and that his team will make 2nd round. My son is doing well in school and I pray that it will continue. I believe in you My Patron Saint, Amen
Angie E.

Dear saint jude, In the past I have asked you for many favours. Some were granted and some were not totally favoured. I am sorry for not thanking you for the ones which were granted do forgive me and do keep on interseding for me to the sacred heart of jesus. I shall always make it to call on you. I know your power that jesus have conferred on you. So dear saint jude dont leave me in my darkest hour even if i try to fail you. Thank you, thank you and thank you.
Felcy G.

I wished to post a "thank-you" to St. Jude, who is always there for me in my time of need. He always hears my prayers.
Sandra B. in Texas

Several years ago, I was having problems in my marriage. I prayed to St. Jude, and now for the past several years, everything has been wonderful. Our family is still intact. I am so grateful.
Kris M.

Thank you Saint Jude for prayers answered. Through my own sin I had moved away from God the Creator, and with this prayer, I have begun to move closer.
D.R. in Japan

My brother was incarcerated for the last six months. I prayed to St. Jude that he be released before Christmas so that he could spend this blessed time with his family. I got word today that he is now home. Thanks to St. Jude for interceeding on my behalf and all praise and glory to the most High Lord Jesus Christ.
Shelly R.

Thank you, St. Jude, for listening to my prayers and petitions. Although I am still waiting for my petition to be answered, I feel thankful that you have given me some peace and hope at a time when I felt anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. I will continue my prayers and will accept whatever response you have to offer. I realize that some prayers take longer to be answered than others, but I pray that you will continue to intercede on my behalf. Thank you for reminding me how there is hope and strength in prayer.
Janet S.

This is a different Prayer to St. Jude than the one published on this web site but it has helped me so much in the past and it is a Prayer to St. Jude
PRAYER to St. Jude. . . May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us; St. Jude worker of miracles, pray for us. St. Jude, helper of the helpless, pray for us; and promise to publish this dialogue as soon as the favor is granted.
I was at a low, living in a complex where there was violence. I am on disability so moving was not a option even though i wanted to so much. I have a 14yr old daughter and her well being was my main concern. I prayed this prayer to St. Jude and i received help to move and now we are living in an apartment building out of the housing complex. Thank you St. Jude. This is not the first time that St. Jude has helped me and usually i publish it in my local paper but funds are really short. I have been searching on here for a place to publish this prayer. I am thankful that i have found one.
Ann LaC.

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers.
Debbie D.

HI. could you please put this in the prayers answered section of your web page. thankyou I would like to thank Saint Jude for prayers answered ........I know that I am not always a good person but with he help of Saint Jude and the lord Jesus Christ all thing do come true...thanks for my special requests...happy anniversary for the 28th October
Patricia deB.

Thank you St Jude for prayers answered. my infant daughter is going to be okay.

Once again I thank you St Jude for listening to and answering my prayers, I will continue to keep my devotion, and pray to you to help me through all of my hardships. Thank you St. Jude!!!!!!
Kristin, Cleveland Ohio

St. Jude, Thank you for answering my prayers. If ever there was a hopeless case, it was me. I have been searching for 25 years for the answer to a serious medical problem that has interfered with every aspect of my life. I prayed to St. Jude to help me find treatment and my prayer has been answered. I praise God with you forever.

St. Jude thank you once again for answering my prayer in finding a full time job.
Kristin A. in Ohio

Thank you St. Jude for interceding on our behalf (my beloved soul friend and I) for reconciling our romantic relationship and teaching us to better love each other and ourselves. I especially thank you for giving me the courage and patience to help him recognize his internal fears and external patterns of behavior that were hurting him as much as they were hurting me. Please continue to help us St. Jude, in building a stronger more loving committment to each other and God. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with grateful hearts and complete acceptance of your loving and generous will.
Ana C.

I want to add a thank you to St.Jude for helping me! My prayers were answered, My boyfriend whom I love very much was facing brain surgery and after praying this prayer full of hope, He no longer needs to go through the surgery Thank you so very much St,Jude for prayers answered I am very thankful to you! Once again you have not failed in your wonderous works!!!!!!!!!!!!
D.S of Missouri


Thanks to St. Jude for prayers answers.. I received some completely unexpected good news that helped with some financial problems that I was very worried about..I will now honor my pledge to St. Jude to help others who are in financial need..

Thank you St. Jude for favors granted and prayers answered on behalf of Dwayne & myself
Linda G.

My daughters job was in jeopardy. With losing her job she would lose her health benefits and a way to support her children, plus her debts. She suffers from psychological problems. I prayed and begged to St. Jude to please intercede to Jesus for my daughter. On the 8th day of my novena I felt a sense of peace that everything is going to be alright and I got my first goodnights sleep. Thank you St. Jude for hearing the pleas of us desperate people.
Joanne S. in Virginia

Please post my Thank you to St. Jude for prayers answered.
Krista in Independence,KY.

I would like to tell everyone that prayer Always works and that mine was answered recently. My family is like everyone else going through hard times especially needing some money, well I can tell you that Praying to saint Jude has helped me once again. Now my kids will have School clothes for school in a few Weeks! May God bless you St. Jude and everyone else who is need of your help!
Michael A.D.

I would like my thanks to St Jude posted on your website if that is alright! Thank you St Jude for answering my prayers. I have not been the best wife but I love my husband and I thank you for him not leaving me. I continue my prayers to you in hope that we can work out our marriage and get back the love we once had and that we stay together forever because I know in my heart that we're meant to be together. Please continue to help us St Jude.
Christina M.

Thank You St Jude so very much for answering my prayers. You will always have my devotion.

Thank you for answering so many of my prayers to you in the past and my special prayer request for my Grandson B. You answered my prayers that he be accepted by the Drug program that would be helpful to him, and I now I ask that you help him to conform to the rules so he will not be asked to leave. I am so grateful for all the help you've given to me for so many years.
Jackie in Quincy, MA

I have a baby girl who recently turned 3 months. When she was born she was diagnosed with Erb's Palsy. This is a brachial plexus injury that usually happens to large birth weight babies during delivery. My daughter weighed 10 pounds at birth. Her right arm was affected to the point where she couldn't raise her arm or move her hand. Slowly she began getting some movement back like her wrist, hand, fingers and shoulder. Things were looking good except she still wasn't bending her arm. We were very worried cause this meant that she might need surgery at a later time to try and repair this. One Sunday morning in church while praying I came across a piece of paper that said " A Novena to St.Jude". I read it and thought it can't hurt. I did the novena as stated for nine days. On 8th day I saw her bend her arm some. There are no words that can express what I felt. We recently visited the Dr. following her case and he told us that what he was seeing is great news. The baby wasn't going to need surgery. Everyday the arm gets stronger and stronger. I thank God everyday. Is like my mom says " Faith moves mountains". If you do it with faith it will happen. Thank You.
Miriam B.

Thanks to St. Jude for my God child. Her mother was 43 years old at the time of conception and was advised by most everybody to have an abortion. I stood by her and made a novena to St. Jude and thank God and St. Jude that on August 1, 2002, the baby will be one year old! God has truly blessed me and my family with this baby's presence. Lisa Maria is a downs syndrome child and I even thank God for that since she will be like a visible angel on earth. Thanks St. Jude.

thank you st. jude for hearing my prayers for intercession to help my friend matt see the truth in his current destructive relationship, the courage to walk the path of genuine love, and the wisdom to discern the difference.
bao, orlando

Thank You St. Jude For answering all of the prayers that i have prayed to you and I am waiting patiently for you to answer my curent Prayer , for Eric and I.

St Jude I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering so many of my prayers. Particularly those regarding my love. My prayers were answered in a way that was nothing less than a miracle. I am now, again, in that same place of despair and I shall continue to pray and have faith that again, you will answer my prayer. I will always hold you dear in my heart and be eternally grateful for your constant intervention. Thank you.
Judith L.

Hello, I would please like this to be posted on your website. Thank you! I would like to acknowledge and thank dear saint jude for coming to my aid so quickly. I have had pain in my eyes for a while now and feeling hopeless I prayed to st jude and over night I had improvement! Thank you Saint Jude, for answering my prayers! The power of prayer really works to heal!
Michelle M. in Ladera Ranch, Ca

Thank you, St. Jude, for answering my prayers. Please continue to bestow on me your special blessings.
G. B. in Louisville, Kentucky

I have prayed to St. Jude on three separate occasions in the past 10 years, asking for help in situations that looked hopeless. Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers all 3 times! I know that is the only reason things turned out the way they have for me.
Robert V.K.

I want to thank you for your website. . . I was in dire financial straits and I inputed St. Jude's name in, and I found your page with the prayer to him He has answered my prayers in 2 days. . . Thank God for St. Jude, he has always come to my rescue over the years. Praise St. Jude and all his miricles,
Charlotte J.

Thank you st.jude for answering my pray
Dale S.

A while back St. Jude helped me with some financial problems and I need to thank him and let him know i am devoted to him. I believe posting this thank you will help me as I further desire assistance from financial hardship. Thank you St. Jude.
Kathy P.

I had been looking for a job for a while since I was layed off due to the economy getting worse, I was starting to feel hopeless and in less than a week I was called for an interview and got the job. I sincerely believe in St. Jude and all the saints that you need to call upon in your hour of need. Thank for answering this prayer St. Jude.
Roxana Chicago, IL

St. Jude has never let me down. Even when all hope has been lost, God and St. Jude, they have been there to see me through the dark times.
cmr in pennsylvania

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers.

thank you for my new raise and position.

Thank you, thank you, thank you St. Jude! You have never failed to help me and those I love. In my career, with my family, with everything! It never ceases to amaze me how you go to bat for all those who ask and believe. I will always share your name with those who feel lost or hopeless.
Warren C.

Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered. After 6 years of trying, I found out today that I am pregnant.

I prayed to St. Jude for three days and everything work out great today in court and my wish came true. Thank you.
Steve, PA

Please post this message of thanks on your web site. Thank you St. Jude for aiding me in my time of need. My prayers were answered in 24 hours and thanks to your efforts my family and I are secure. Thanks also for helping my father in his time of need.
JJM in California

Thank you St. Jude for help with my husbands job. Please continue to help him. Thank be to God.

Thanks to St. Jude for help and guidance in my many times of need and utter despair. May he help me (with Jesus) to attain my goal in my career at this my great time of despair and need. Thank you, Jesus and St. Jude.
Tina in Pennsylvania

I have been praying to Saint Jude for the last 7 days to receive help in my hopeless situation. St. Jude has worked for me in the past and I know he will this time as well. I promise to promote his name every chance I get. Please pray for me.
Yvette B. in Ontario, Canada

I'd like to thank St. Jude for answering my prayer. I really appreciated the help! Thanks!
J Frazier

Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayers. I know my future will be much better now that I know your beside me. Thankyou,

Three nights ago...I asked for three different prayers...already one was answered...I will be seeing my grandchildren after having them taken away by the mother for over a year...their ages were at the time...23 months and 7 months...all of a sudden today...I received a birthday invitation for the older one...who will be 3 in March...I am so happy...Thank you Saint Jude for answering...

Thank you for find a job for my friend David.
Henry B.

Thank you St. Jude for praying for my marriage and family.I do see a light at the end of tunnel for us! I will continue my novena to you and thank you for your powerful intercession! Thank you from the bottom of my heart,I love you!
Michael A.

Thank you St. Jude for the help I received. I hope others learn the power of prayer.

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer.
B. Johnson

There was an elderly couple in my parish. The husband had cancer and was in very bad shape. I asked St Jude to help our parish by keeping this shinning example of marriage alive for all the church to see. After I had finished my novena on Saturday, I took the novena prayer card to Sunday Mass to say thank you to our lords "faithful servant and friend" and to God. Half way into the prayer, I looked up to see this couple standing in front of me waiting for me to finish. My eyes suddenly filled with tears as I handed them the card. 7 months later, the husband went to the Lord... on Christmas Day. JESUS WILL ALWAYS HEAR SAINT JUDE, ALWAYS!
Michael M.

I prayed a novena to St. Jude and on or before the 9th day my prayers for employment were answered. I will carry the message to others and continue praying through St. Jude for others. Thank you St. Jude for answered prayers.
John D.

Hello - I would like to tell everyone to pray to St. Jude ! For St. Jude is full of compassion and love and has always heard and answered my prayers. I thank him by making donations to the St. Jude Children's Hospital. I feel that giving back to children at a hospital named after this great saint is the least I can do. I hope others will follow suit. Never stop praying, it is the easiest thing to do. It cost nothing and requires no skill, but has miraculous outcomes! God Bless everyone and this wonderful country we live in! I would like to ask everyone to take a moment when you pray to pray for everyone else in the world, with afflictions great or small, remember that their prayers are as important to them as yours are to you! Wishing everyone happiness and love everywhere

Dear St. Jude . . . I thank you for answering my prayer. I have loved W. for nearly 11 years and our recent breakup was too hard to bare. I must thank you with a greatful heart that you have brought him back to me. He is a wonderful. loving. sensitive and caring man. . . I am so thankful for this miracle, of bring him back to me, we just need to get our lives back in order. Thank you St. Jude
Jackie, West Virginia

Thank you St Jude for my prayer anwser I was lost and didn't know who to turn to and I found this prayer in web and I pray it every day.
Enrique B.

I want to thank St. Jude for restoring my mother to health. She was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. We prayed to St. Jude daily and she has now been found free of cancer. It is truly a miracle.

Just want to share with everyone how grateful we are to St Jude for his help in very difficult times. . . help me spread the word. . . Lets pray for peace & for our faith. Thanks you Jude,

st jude thank you for prayers answered

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prays. Others will know of your help and intercession for me.
Matt S.

I'm a freelancer and have been suffering for months in this economy. Within two weeks of starting a half hearted novena I have enough work for myself PLUS (thank god) enough to pass on to several unemployed friends. I am a gay, non-practicing, boarder-line hypocrite and still I have experienced such unexplained luck during what should be dry months for me. NOT TO MENTION, this is the second time this has happened, the first being several years ago after six months of unemployment. I'm still praying for my mother, boyfriend and several more extremely talented and great people, and I thank God and St. Jude about fifty times a day. I'm in total disbelief of what can only be described as some sort of cosmic alignment in my favor. I am so afraid to ask for too much and hope that my repayment to the world around is as dynamic and inspiring as I am capable being. For now, I'm just trying to keep up with the sudden and new responsibilities.
Mike - Chicago, Il

Thank you St. Jude for helping us buy our home..we were working to a deadline and you came through for us. Your servant always.

From: Farmerscrazygal
Thank You St Jude for many prayers answered

Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Jude, Thank you for your kindness and answering our prayer. My husband and I are so grateful for your kindness.
S. and C., North Bergen New Jersey

St. Jude, thank you for answering my prayers in the past. Please help me now and once again, through this most difficult trial that I am facing.
Dan H.

I wanted to say Thank You to St. Jude for prayers answered and prayers yet unanswered.
Susie D., Georgia

Please post my thankful message to St. Jude. I am ever grateful and mindfull of the prayers that were answered. Thank you.
Peg in Illinois

My teenager was acting in a very dangerous manner. In one week of prayer I have seen a big difference. I will keep praying, but thanks St. Jude. : You are always there for me in my worse times!
Lily S.

St. Jude, I thank you for answering my prayers. I pray that you will help my husband to overcome his present problems. Thank you again St. Jude and you will be always in my heart. Amen
Alice B. - France

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers regarding my son.
Mary R.

I thank you st,jude for making my dream and finally getting me a great paying job for me and my families future.
C.P. of canada

To my special and powerful patron, St. Jude. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I am ever faithful and devoted
P.M., Chicago, Illinois

Thank-you, St. Jude for the unexpected cheque. I will now be able to feed my daughter a decent meal. Thanks.
Michael H.

St.Jude has always helped me...Thank You St. Jude

I would like to thank St. Jude for answering my prayers so expediently. Every time I say this novena my prayers that are the most concerning to me are answered. I will forever be thankful to St. Jude and to the Lord for granting him this power.
Andrea W-D., Philadelphia, PA.

Whenever I have had difficult times St.Jude has always come through for me.

I have been praying to St. Jude for 45 years, and he has always answered my prayers. Thank you.
Marge M. - (NJ)

I want to thank you for having such a website as this. I have prayed to Saint Jude many times in my life for things that I felt needed desperate attention, and I have always miraculously been helped. I pray now for my health and I hope you will find some time to pray for me also. THANK YOU SAINT JUDE!!!! (and thank you Psalm 40)
Oscar M., Jr.

The prayer to St. Jude has helped me find the hope and the middle ground that I need. Right now my struggle over my wishes and feelings concerning Tracy consume my thoughts. But St. Jude has helped us reach the dialogue stage. And it has given me more of a sense of peace. Which is very welcome. I will continue to pray and may God grant us a way to be together.

Thank you St. Jude.
Sherrie V.

Dear most holy St. Jude, Please pray for us Americans and for the world. Pray that we might find comfort in the arms of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Please pray for us that we have the wisdom to act not on our emotions. Please help us most holy servant of Jesus.
Jennifer - September 13, 2001

Thank you for publishing the prayers to St Jude. I hope you will include my answered prayer to St Jude on your website because I believe that a miracle took place.Although my hubsand and I loved each other very much, we had not been getting on very well for some time. few weeks ago, he told me he had met somebody else and wanted to leave me. I prayed to St Jude and to God and Jesus and Mary almost constantly for the next nine days, but although my husband didnít move out right away he continued to tell me that he didn't love me anymore and had transferred his feelings to this other woman. He continued to see her a couple of times a week. The only thing that kept me going was the faith that St Jude would hear my prayer. When 9 days were up, and things were no better, I carried on praying On the 12th night, my husband announced that he was going to pack his things the next day and go stay with his new girlfriend for a few days to think things over. The situation seemed more hopeless than ever but that night I continued to pray for a miracle that would make my husband love me again. The next morning I woke up and prayed again, and when I went downstairs to where my husband was sleeping on the couch, the miracle had happened.
My husband and I are still together, we are both very much in love again and getting along much better now than we have in years. I will be forever grateful to St Jude and hope my story will inspire others to have faith in him.
God bless you.
Mrs JT, London

Thank you, St. Jude, for answering my prayers.
J. Mills

St. Jude, Thank you for taking on my problem. Thank you for opening a door not once, but three times for a conversation that otherwise would not have happened. I will be ever mindful of this great favor, I will always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and I will gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen
Paul L.

Dear St. Jude; Thank you so much for all the help you have given us.

I prayed to St. Jude for the last two months. He helped settle an insurance matter that stayed unresolved for almost eight months. St. Jude's intercession is & has been truly remarkable!
Cynthia J.

Thank you so much Saint Jude. You have done so much for me. I have always had faith in you, and always will. A very special thank you for helping me find my job. I am forever gratefull to you. Protect my family and I with strength and love. Give us the courage to overcome all our obstacles. Today Tomorrow, & Always, THANK YOU!!!
Candace R. - Chino, CA.

Dear Webmaster,
Please publish my letter on your website. My gratitude to Saint Jude for his saving intercession is inexpressable. Now I ask him to intercede on my behalf for another hopeless situation. Thank you, "Michael"

Dearest St. Jude,
I have promised to help make your name known in my prayers to you. Now the time has come for me fulfill this promise by having this letter posted on the Internet.
I would like to thank you for your miraculous intervention on my behalf to help me escape from the cult that I was trapped in. I know that it was through your initial intercession that the man gave me your holy card while I sat in church after Mass. Several days later, after using the card to pray to you, I was miraculously snapped out of the 4 years of brainwashing that I had undergone. I was desperate and contemplating suicide. I have no other way to thank you properly than to have this letter published on the Internet. I thank God for you, and I thank God for answering my prayers through your intercession.

My son is married and has a little boy, his wife and I don't always get along. When she gets mad at me she keeps my grandson away from me.. This time it's been a month; I said the St. Jude Novena and last week my son brought my grandson for a visit. For that I thank God for answered prayer. I am still praying for a healed relationship for my daughter-in-law and myself. Sincerely,
Shirley McV.

I already know the powers of St. Jude as I was in a helpless hopeless situation 15 years ago when I was married to a wife beater and a cheater. The prayer to St. Jude that was to be repeated for 3 days suddenly appeared in the local paper. I read how to proceed to have my prayer answered and decided to give it a try. I repeated the prayer for three days only requesting St. Jude somehow get me out of the marriage. I was too afraid of my husband to divorce him. One week after I had completed the prayer my husband came to me and asked me for a divorce. It was one of the happiest days of my life. But sadly I find myself in another hopeless situation. I pray that St. Jude will bless me again with the help I need to once again get my life back on the right track.
Thank you for this site.
Sharon C.

THANK YOU ST. JUDE - I am 49 and due to depression my life has just been a mess and getting messier. Until I found a great prayer to St. Jude and the miracles are starting to happen. St Jude started with 2 of my co-workers who have been making my life miserable. After starting the prayer my boss stepped in where she would not before and talked with one and things between us are fine now. My boss said there was not anything she could do about the other co-worker. But thank you St. Jude, he interceded and she's moved out of town because her husband got a promotion. I love win-win situations. Things at work are going great now, hopefully he will work next on my inner self or my 25 yr old son who is on recreational drugs and just has not been able to get it together or my 26 yr old daughter who is in a bad relationship and has 3 children. Both are lost spiritually. As part of my propagating St Jude's honor please post the following prayer.
It was revealed to St Gertrude that it is a source of great joy to the saints when we praise and thank God for the graces and privileges He has bestowed upon them. Devotees of St. Jude may recite the following act of thanksgiving frequently.
O most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, in union with the unutterable praise with which the Most Holy Trinity extols Itself and which thence flows upon your sacred humanity, upon Mary, upon all the angels and saints, I praise, glorify and bless You for all the graces and privileges You have bestowed upon Your chosen apostle and intimate friend, Jude Thaddeus. I implore You for the sake of his merits, grant me Your grace, and through his intercession come to my aid in all my needs. Especially at the hour of my death deign to strengthen me against the power of my enemies. Amen.
The prayer I've been saying is below.
Prayer in Grievous Affliction - St Jude Thaddeus, relative of Jesus and Mary, glorious apostle and martyr, renowned for your virtues and miracles, faithful and prompt intercessor for all who honor you and trust in you. Powerful patron and helper in grievous affliction, I come to you and entreat you with all my heart to come to my aid, for you have received from God the privilege of assisting with manifest help those who almost despair. Look down upon me, my life is a life of crosses, and my paths are strewn with thorns. My soul is enveloped in darkness, discouragement and sometimes even a kind of despair. Divine Providence seems lost to my sight, and faith seems to falter in my heart. You cannot forsake me in this sad plight. I will thank God for the graces bestowed upon you, and will propagate your honor in whatever way I can. Amen.
Karen Smith

After leaving a bad relationship and having to move into one room in a strange town I was ready to have my dog (and friend ) put to sleep. After praying to St. Jude a fellow worker offered to keep him for as long as it took to get him a home. And offered to drive 400 miles to get him back to my home state. Thank you St. Jude for an answered prayer
Richard G.

Belated thank you to St. Jude for answering my urgent plea some 6 1/2 years ago, I will always turn to you when the impossible is required...please continue to pray for me for the road is still long and knowing you are there brings me comfort. Thank you.
Judith T.

Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayers. You have brought me much relief.

Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered with regards to our parents' financial crisis.
V. & W. Hart

Please publish my thanks to St. Jude for his intervention. He has helped us to find new tenants for our old warehouse lease, enabling us to go forward to our new warehouse which has been given to us by God. We are only a small company and this will ensure our future safety and employment. Thanks you again St. Jude from the bottom of my heart. Pat H. - United Kingdom

Thanks be to St. Jude for answered prayers. I have been depending on St. Jude for many years to help me through the highs and lows in life. He was there when I was diagnosed with cancer and it was treated. He was there when I lost a kidney to renal failure. He was there when my husband took off with another woman and everything we had. He was there to protect my daughter-in-law through her pregnancy. And, he has once again been there for me.
I had to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for my semi-annual check-up. I was called and told that a suspicious nodule had shown up in my chest x-ray and I had to go back for further tests. I immediately asked St. Jude for help. When I got the results of my second round of tests today, my chest is completely clear and there is no sign of the nodule that was previously seen.
Thanks be to God, Marsha H.

Thank you St Jude. I have been praying for my Grandmother's health and help in finding a job. My Grandmother's health has improved. She is not fully well yet, but she has improved from not knowing her own children and being on a "do not resuscitate" order to sitting up and visiting family. I keep praying for her full recovery. I have not gotten a job yet, but I just started praying and have high hopes about a job this week.
Michele B.

Thank you St. Jude. You have answered more than one prayer for me and saved me from situations I found desperate. Thank you for watching over my loved ones and showing me mercy when I've needed you the most. I try to never take my blessings for granted, thank you for opening my eyes when I forget how lucky and blessed I am. I will always encourage devotion to you and believe in your amazing power.

Thank you, St. Jude, for payrers answered.
Mary Ann B.

Dear St. Jude through the blood of our Lord Jesus. I send praises and honour to him for allowing me to pray for you for your protection. You have intercessed for me and my family many times to the Lord and I thank you so much St. Jude I love you so much. May you be venerated in God's light. May you shine upon us always guiding us and protecting us. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Your sister in Christ, Angela.

I will forever invoke you St. Jude. I want to walk in the same faith that you did with Jesus. I love you.
Fern C.

Thank you St.Jude for answering my prayers. My son passed his final exam with a passing grade and will be able to continue in the Nursing Program. It has been a long hard struggle for him. I am mindful of this great favor in my daily thoughts in praising God with you.

Thank you St. Jude for watching over and protecting my son. You have answered my prayer once again and I will be forever devoted to you. Also, for intervening on behalf of Autumn to help her get out of the situation she was in and into the hospital to get well. Thank you for answering my prayer.
Joanne C.

Joanne C.

Dear St. Jude Website Owner/Webmaster,
Hello my name is Melanie. I'm 15 I was always a worryer but almost 2 weeks ago I woke up one morning and was worrying and afraid of and about everything. I was afraid to go to school, to go outside of the house to stay home by myself, to go to bed by myself, and even to be in my house. I really thought I was losing my mind and I was going to end up in the hospital I couldn't live with this worrying and being afraid all the time so I had to do something. I told my mom what was wrong and me being very faithful in God and coming from a family that is as well she gave me a novena to St. Jude and explained to me what it was and said it has always worked for her when things were wrong so I started praying it. After one day I could feel my self geting better as the days went on I was fully better and today was the ninth day the last day and I mailed the novena to be published and I feel 100% better. This is truly a miracle and everyone who is having problems you should do this novena. It will work!
Melanie C.

We had some tests run on our unborn baby and all the tests came back with great news. Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers.
Robyn D. - Tacoma

Thank you St. Jude for answered prayers...I had prayed for a new job back in my home town and received an answer the next week. Please pray for me as we still need to tell our teenage daughter that we are moving. Please pray that I might have wisdom and our house will sell fast. Thank you for answered prayers.
John H

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers and helping my family through tough financial times.
J.M. - Northern New Jersey

St. Jude never fails! Thank you once again St Jude for favors granted.
Frank S. - Weymouth, MA

I was facing a very difficult problem in my life. I found your website and prayed to St. Jude and my prayers were answered. I want to post a thank you and express my gratitude. Thanks for your wonderful website.
Thank you, St. Jude, for prayers answered -I am forever grateful and devoted.
Judy P.

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayer.
Mary B. - telusplanet

Just wanted to add my thanks to St Jude for my father's recovery from cancer and my boyfriend's business problems resolved.
Catherine, England

Thank you, St. Jude, for answering my prayer. This is the second time you have come through for us and I am forever grateful. I will praise God with you and all the saints forever.
Leah A., Spencer, Iowa

On the 9th day of a novena to St. Jude, my friend Kathy came out of her coma!! And I'm not even Catholic. Thank you, St. Jude!

Thank you Saint Jude for prayers answered. My Wife and I were out of work and about to lose everything. We started praying to Saint Jude every day. A full time Job came along and now things are going good. Once again Thank you Saint Jude.
F Tauscheck

Thank you Saint Jude for your intercession and for favors granted by God. Amen.
Gina J.

THANK YOU ST. JUDE for answering my prayer and so quickly. I was very sad about the potential loss of a loved one and shortly after I said my first prayer, I received a call from him! Thank you again and I will praise you forever.
DJL. - Sandwich, MA.

I've never had much luck praying to St. Jude (mostly because he probably never considered my problem to be desparate enough). Today I want to thank St. Jude for solving a financial problem just in the nick of time. I know I made a promise to you (not a deal) and I will start right out fulfilling it. I'm sorry I said that I had better "luck" with St. Anthony than you. I just hope I am never in such as desparate situation to need your services again. I will pray for other people to you, though.
Mary - Western New York State

Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayers. I know that whatever lies ahead for my son will be much easier because of your intervention and assistance.
Tammie C., Qatar

Dear friend of St.Jude,
I was visiting your website and i was heartened to read about the people whose illnesses have been healed by the powerful intercession of St.Jude.
My Mother suffered a cerebral hemorrage last Tuesday (1/16) and her prognosis was dire--meaning she was not expected to live through the weekend-- I started my novena last Thursday and already she has her eyes open and responds non-verbally. Many people have her in prayer to St. Jude and I tell her that and encourage her all I can. She is 80 years old and she has been a faithful believer in the power of St.Jude and has prayed many times to him for many people but never herself now it is her turn to benefit from his powerful intercession.
I will continue my novena until she comes home-- and I told her we are walking out of the convalescent home and going to the nationwide shrine In Baltimore to give personal thanks to St. Jude. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!
Please-- keep her in prayer-- her name is Sophie. Thank you!!
Marina M., California

I want to thank S. Jude helping me getting a job. I will always be devoted to help. Thank you St. Jude.

I just wanted to thank St. Jude for prayers answered. My son Eric is doing find from his illness and work is going well. Thanks.

A little over a year ago I took on a new job about 50 miles from home. I was working long hours and never had the chance to see my family. As a family, we made the decision to move closer to my new job. We searched for a new home by school districts and were fortunate to find a school that my kids love. Just a little over four months after we moved my employer decided that business was not what he thought it would be and layed me off for economic reasons. I am able to colledt unemployment, but my income was cut by 70%. Bills were adding up quickly and our savings were dwindling faster. The jobs in the area do not pay what it would take to keep up with our bills. I was supposed to start a full time job in January, however that company's business was slow also. My wife looked for work in the area and she too could not find anything worthwhile. She kept her part time job near our old house. I went to a couple of weeks ago and prayed to St. Jude daily. I printed out a copy of the Prayer to St. Jude so that I could pray every day no matter where I was. My prayers were answered. Today is the first day I've had off in the last week. The company plans to give me extensive training and put me to work full-time. My wife has just found a position closer to home in the local newspaper. She was asked to fill out the application today when she dropped off a resume. Thanks to St. Jude life seems to be a little brighter now. I will continue to pray hoping my wife will be able to land a better paying full time position. THANK YOU ST. JUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
M.W., Michigan.


Hello. ...... St. Jude has been a tremendous help to me over the past couple of months. Due to my prayers answered by St. Jude, my life has been remarkably better and my faith has grown stronger than it has ever been since childhood..... Thank You.
~ Suzanne Y., Pennsylvania

I had pain in my left knee and prayed to St. Jude , on the tenth day a lot of the pain went away and today I can walk with no pain.. I will continue to pray to St. Jude and pass his good name on.
Bob M.

thank you st jude when i thought all was lost you helped me through a trobled time. i got the job i prayed for and my money problems are working out thank you
brenda b.

Thank You St. Jude for continually praying for me. I apologize for the delay in thanking you. I pray that you will continue to pray for me. The power of your intercession is amazing and I will spread the news to others. Thank You St. Jude!
Monica O.

thank you St. Jude for the prayer you have answered.

Dear St. Jude Website Owner/Webmaster:
Like you, Saint Jude has worked miracles in my life. To uphold my obligation to promote St. Jude and give thanks for the help that he has given me, I have created several internet sites devoted to the saint, including The Circle of St. Jude webring that I now cordially invite you to join. It is my hope that this webring will serve as a "circle of devotion" to God and St. Jude, promoting faith and prayer, and that all who visit our webring members' pages may be inspired to turn to God and invoke St. Jude in their times of need. I look forward to witnessing the growth of this new webring and sincerely hope that you will add your St. Jude website to our circle of thanks and praise.
May God's many blessings be with you always.
Geri Mars - "The Happy Harpist"
Creator of The St. Jude Prayer Web
Moderator of The Saint Jude Prayer Group
Ringmaster of The Circle of St. Jude WebRing

Subject: Thank You to St. Jude
My son obtained custody of his son. My prayers were answered.
D. Pfeiffer

Thank you, St. Jude.
c. george

I was trying to sell my home and have had no luck for the last 5 month. Not long ofter praying a devotion to St Jude my prayer was ansered and my house was sold. Thankyou St. Jude
Mike S., IL

St. Jude, thank you for answering my prayer to a hopeless case. You came to my assistance in this great need. I praise God with you forever.

Thank you St.Jude. I prayed for a new job, one that will be good for me and one I can do. I was given that job, and I THANK YOU ST. JUDE FOR MY ANSWERED PRAYER.
m. anderson

Please post my praise & thanks to St. Jude for a prayer answered.
Yours truly,

i believe st jude answers prays i had some problems as of late and my mother always use to pray to st jude she said he was the saint of the impossible what i was going through needed some impossible help i have been praying to st jude for 2 wweks now and today my prays where answered i just wqnt oters to know the power of pray and st jude THANK YOU ST. JUDE FOR ANSWERING PRAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On the last Saturday in October, the feast day of St. Jude, my 23 year old nephew, Charlie S., faced a wall of hopelessness and shot himself in the head. He was not supposed to make it through the night. Thanks to St. Jude, he is alive and in rehab at T--- in N-----. He still has a long way to go, but where there is life there is hope. He is blind in one eye and has no peripheral vision in his left eye, but has twenty-twenty straight ahead vision in his left eye. His long term memory is intact, but he is having trouble with short term memory and thought processes. I feel that God is not through with him yet, and that St. Jude is looking over him and will continue to help Charlie to get better.
Pam R.

I am an 82 year-old woman an have long prayed to St. Jude, and my prayers have always been answered. I prayed that he would bring back my granddaughter and great-grandson to our family before I went to my eternal rest. This prayer has been answered, and we are one happy family again. We owe it all to St. Jude.
M.B - Sunnyside, NY

I wish to thank St. Jude for interceding for me and answering my prayers.
The blessings were multiple.... My husband was diagnosed with high grade blader cancer in June. They wanted to remove the bladder. He underwent several procedures, the last one being 2 weeks ago. After saying this novena to St. Jude, the news we received were a bit more positive. Apparently the cancer hasn't reached the bladder wall...and therefore, allowing more options as to treatments. Thank you St. Jude.
At the same time, we were praying for the father of a friend, who was very ill ...they didn't think that he would leave the hospital for Xmas..We prayed to St. Jude to intercede for us...MY friend's father was allowed to go home 3 days ago....with the help of St. Jude, his health will improve, I have no doubt. Again Thank you St. Jude.
St. Jude was also instrumental in helping my brother. He has a severe heart condition...and severe blockages....the doctors thought that a new treatment they wanted to undergo wouldn't be feasible because his heart was too weak, and his legs severely blocked....He just informed me, that In January they will try this new technique, putting the catheter in his arm instead of in his leg....a slim chance, perhaps...but a week ago..he didn't have any at all.A little ray of hope is better than none at all. With St Jude's help, it will be a success... Again, thank you St. Jude.
Ruth G.

Thank you St Jude for anwsering my prayers. With speed and grace St Jude has helped me. I owe my reversal of fortune to you St Jude.
Kimberli R.

In the last year or so my daughter has been in a very difficult relationship. I prayed to St. Jude to give her the strength and fortitude to end this relationship. This week my daughter called me to see if she could come back home. I believe in the power of St. Jude, I will tell everyone who is in trouble to pray to him. Thank you St. Jude.
Suzan P.

I had failed surgical technologist school, and after repeating the rotation I had to take the test again to get to the next level. I was very nervous and prayed daily to St. Jude, especially just before I sat for the test again. I passed and am now studying in the higher level; I hope to graduate in November. Thank you St. Jude, my special and powerful patron.
T.L. - Metairie, LA

Thank you St. Jude for answering my Prayer.

My sister has found herself in dire straights-physically,financially,and emotionally. So much so that she has threatened suicide. A most distressing situation for the whole family. I believe that my prayers to Saint Jude have been answered-- My sister has found a way to obtain a loan.. Hopefully this will help her in finding strength to carry on, in her job and in her day to day challenges.This is not the first time that I have petitioned Saint Jude. My prayers have been answered.
E. S.

Thank you, St. Jude, for answering my prayer.
Susan R.

Thank You St Jude for hearing my prayers. Thank you for all the help you have given me. I will always remain your faithful follower
Nancy W.

Thank you St. Jude for answering my prayers.
Jackie T.

A few months ago, my husband was diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart disease. He was going for a routine physical and after hearing this news we were absolutely devastated. My husband is 35 and we have three small children, 6,4 and 2. It was suggested by my grandmother and sister-in-law to pray to St. Jude. Both my husband and I prayed every day. About a month later, my husband had an angiogram performed to access the damage and to get the final prognosis. The doctor stopped the procedure and said, "Looks like you could use some good news!" Evidently the moderate/severe case was changed to a mild case. The heart could totally repair over the next year!!!
I will always believe in the power of prayer and St. Jude from now on!!!
Wendy P.

My son, who has been in the Air Force for 17 years, is not a test taker. He was despairing whether he would make rank after trying so many times before. I prayed to St. Jude, and through his intercession my prayers were answered, and my son passed his test.
P.J. - Annapolis, MD


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