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[Mount Rushmore, S.D.]

I've got lots of Fun Links on this page including my favorite Mottos, a little about my Family, and some great Creeds. Below are illustrations in prose and cartoons of some of the important Attitudes that help me cope in an insane world. Oh, and by the way, Pardon Me if I Boast! Enjoy yourself while you are here and God Bless.

[This is a very small picture of the very large Universe that God has created.  Can you see yourself in the picture??]
Try Some Humility!

[An imaginary Nova explosion.]
Don't You Quit!

[A guy with an attitude kicking a soccer ball.]
The Man Who Thinks He Can

[Handshake from a WEI ad.]
You'll Be A Man, My Son

[Money - Money - Money - Money - Money - Money - Money]
How to get Rich by Doing Nothing!

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