1996-1997 Tri-District P.E.T.S. Mission Statement


Rotary Districts 6250, 6270, and 6220

Mission Statement:

1. Enlarge the horizons of all Presidents-Elect present at the seminar (both Rotary horizons and executive skill capabilities).

2. Provide all participants with the most comprehensive Rotary information within the time constraints imposed by the program.

3. Secure the strongest instructional and motivational talent available to support the Tri-District P. E. T. S. (using District and wider Rotary talent as well as talent from outside Rotary).

4. Provide a setting and the time for the beginning of a positive relationship between incoming Governors and incoming Presidents in the respective Districts - sharing what is expected of each, dwelling on responsibilities and accountability.

5. Provide a setting where incoming Presidents can interact with other incoming Presidents across the three Districts - in both training settings and in fellowship opportunities.

6. Provide Rotary information to the spouse / partner of the incoming Presidents so they better understand the responsibilities and commitment of the incoming presidents. This information will also include details of many of the programs in Rotary concerning the Club, the Community and Internationally.

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